Neshanock Roster

The following are the splendiferous ballists of The Neshanock Base Ball Club of Flemington:

Brad "Brooklyn" Shaw (President & Founder)

Brooklyn Wave (2).JPG

Brad “Brooklyn” Shaw is the President and founder of the Neshanock. When asked why his nickname is “Brooklyn,” his usual response is, “Hey, dat’s where I’m from. You gotta problem wit dat?”

He can usually be found before games gesturing wildly while explaining the vintage game to the onlookers or arguing 19th Century rules with Atlantics Captain Ed “Pigtail” Elmore or umpire Sam “It ain’t nothin' 'til I say” Bernstein.

Though old and slow of foot, he is the Neshanock’s most excellent pitcher and craftiest base stealer. Brooklyn loves teaching baseball history to all within earshot and has been known to break into “Casey at the Bat” with little urging.

In 2016, Brooklyn was elected President of the Vintage Base Ball Association (VBBA) and fully expects to make the organization more popular than Major League Baseball and the NFL.

When not leading the Neshanock and the VBBA, Brooklyn is a Baseball and New York City historian. He lives in Manalapan, NJ with his wife, Phyllis.

Chris "Lowball" Lowry (Co-Captain)

Gerard "Jacks" D'Angelo (Co-Captain)

Joe "Irish" Colduvell

DSC 0269

Joey "Midnight" Gallo

Mark "Gaslight" Granieri

Dan "Sledge" Hammer

Dave "Iliinois" Harris

Scott "Snuffy" Hengst


Jon "Hammer" Hepner

Tom "Thumbs" Hoepfner

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Jack "Doc" Kitson

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Ken "Tumbles" Mandel

Joe "Mick" Murray


Jim "Jersey" Nunn

Bob "Melky" Ritter

Mark "Peaches" Rubini

Danny "Batman" Shaw

Greg "Southwark" Stoloski

Steve "Cuz" Thompson

Our very splendiferous scorekeeper, John "Mr. New Jersey" Zinn

DSC 0349

And our equally splendiferous umpire, Sam "It ain't nothin' 'til I say" Bernstein

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